Paul’s 1st 2017 Garden Tour

Paul 1

What a Time! About 20-30 folks came out to Paul Gautschi’s garden the  first Sunday in June. They were not disappointed. One couple came from Virginia! The weather was ideal, and the Tour lasted from 2:30 till 6pm! Paul was the consummate, godly, mentoring, host. He gave out his asparagus and wanted folks to  sample […]

Water Deficit Syndrome

dr gerald pollock

Since writing Growing Food God’s Way in 2014, I have endeavored to keep learning about many topics covered in the book (including): Live food, fresh food, in-season foods, and “live” water. In chapter 16 (Turning a Corner), under the sub-heading: Nutritional Honesty, this observation is recorded: “Most Americans go through each day in various states […]

Amazing to Meet Amy Again


If you have read Growing Food God’s Way, you may remember a mention of forgiveness. On pp. 108 & 109 (paperback) I shared an encounter with one of America’s most amazing athletes. She earned 4 gold medals in the 1996 Olympics and 2 more at the 2000 Games. Her name, then, was Amy van Dyken. […]

Goodbye to a Dear Friend and Mentor


Last Sunday, a brilliant man I referenced in a Growing Food God’s Way footnote (page 54) left his temporary 84yr tabernacle to be with the Lord. Dr. Donald E. Chittick, PhD, Chemistry and co-founder of a science ministry called Creation Compass was a special friend to the Devine family. For some years, we fellowshipped with […]

Vermin At Work


This past summer, we converted an makeshift open woodshed into a nice little flower garden in the front-side yard. Almost everybody coming to our door walked past the covered pile of wood, but the cover was starting to give way…and the whole thing had morphed into a veritable eyesore. Among the flowers, my wife had […]

From Tragedy to Triumph

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This week, I heard about a big, strong, man in Ohio. We’ll call him Tom. Unlike many of the guys reading this post (myself included), Tom was imposing enough to be hired as a bouncer at an “adult beverage facility.” Tom had a job, but he did not have a Savior. He also had a […]


Bottom of Box

It had to happen…though, sadly, it doesn’t for so many self-published authors: the books sell out! The picture is of the last box from the 2nd printing. (And since yesterday’s photo, we mailed out two today). What began as a partial pallet of book boxes has (praise God) been reduced to the final few. There […]

My Afternoon With Joel Salatin

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR Last Sunday was a warm-breezy day in the Willamette Valley (Oregon). It was the last day of the annual prepper fair hosted by Mother Earth News. They were recently held in Puyallup, WA, but the last two have been in Albany, Oregon (about 1.5 hrs S of the capitol, and 2hrs […]