Cain-seian Gardening Method?


Here is a preview of a new chapter of the 2nd edition of Growing Food God’s Way. It introduces another new term: …It can only be inferred, that one or more of Noah’s sons rebelled and went back to the over-self-importance way. I call it the Cain-seian method of gardening. Just like economics has a […]

Paul’s 1st 2017 Garden Tour

Paul 1

What a Time! About 20-30 folks came out to Paul Gautschi’s garden the  first Sunday in June. They were not disappointed. One couple came from Virginia! The weather was ideal, and the Tour lasted from 2:30 till 6pm! Paul was the consummate, godly, mentoring, host. He gave out his asparagus and wanted folks to  sample […]

Water Deficit Syndrome

dr gerald pollock

Since writing Growing Food God’s Way in 2014, I have endeavored to keep learning about many topics covered in the book (including): Live food, fresh food, in-season foods, and “live” water. In chapter 16 (Turning a Corner), under the sub-heading: Nutritional Honesty, this observation is recorded: “Most Americans go through each day in various states […]

Amazing to Meet Amy Again


If you have read Growing Food God’s Way, you may remember a mention of forgiveness. On pp. 108 & 109 (paperback) I shared an encounter with one of America’s most amazing athletes. She earned 4 gold medals in the 1996 Olympics and 2 more at the 2000 Games. Her name, then, was Amy van Dyken. […]

Goodbye to a Dear Friend and Mentor


Last Sunday, a brilliant man I referenced in a Growing Food God’s Way footnote (page 54) left his temporary 84yr tabernacle to be with the Lord. Dr. Donald E. Chittick, PhD, Chemistry and co-founder of a science ministry called Creation Compass was a special friend to the Devine family. For some years, we fellowshipped with […]

Vermin At Work


This past summer, we converted an makeshift open woodshed into a nice little flower garden in the front-side yard. Almost everybody coming to our door walked past the covered pile of wood, but the cover was starting to give way…and the whole thing had morphed into a veritable eyesore. Among the flowers, my wife had […]

From Tragedy to Triumph

Stock Produce photo

This week, I heard about a big, strong, man in Ohio. We’ll call him Tom. Unlike many of the guys reading this post (myself included), Tom was imposing enough to be hired as a bouncer at an “adult beverage facility.” Tom had a job, but he did not have a Savior. He also had a […]


Bottom of Box

It had to happen…though, sadly, it doesn’t for so many self-published authors: the books sell out! The picture is of the last box from the 2nd printing. (And since yesterday’s photo, we mailed out two today). What began as a partial pallet of book boxes has (praise God) been reduced to the final few. There […]